Creator of things and some other things too.

Artist, Collector, Designer.


Graphic Design, Illustrations, Videos.


Art and stuff.

Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting!

I am based in Central Florida and was even born here, apparently, that is something worth mentioning. I am a visual developer and storyteller, just what is that? To me, it is someone that creates and uses imagery for visual communication..

Graphic Design

I have been a Graphic Designer for over 10 years.


I have been creating art for over 30 years.


I am trying to break into the YouTube world.


This is my blog. Some true stories, some made up, and some about nothing.

Uncle DAC, I wish I was a little bit smarter.

Some times I wake up and say f#@k it, then go back to sleep, sometimes I wake up and ask myself, why? Most days I wander around trying to figure it all out.